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We work to give you a sense of home and to keep the ground, air and water systems in a dynamic balance at all times.

A clean, high-quality and aesthetic environment creates a feeling of peace and home for a person.

Our company SIA “EcoInnovation” is created to provide innovative technologies that meet your wishes and needs and create this comfort around you and your loved ones, both during the harsh winter months and the hottest days of summer.

SIA “EcoInnovation” unites a reliable, high-quality and environmentally friendly technology manufacturer – “Mitsubishi Electric” (Japan).


Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps ensure optimal cost efficiency. Minimizing energy requirements while caring for the environment.


Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are laboratory tested in harsh conditions to ensure that the product is able to operate efficiently at extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

Mitsubishi Electric Brand History

Since its founding in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront of Japanese technology and product innovation. Since its first popular product, the electric fan for consumers, Mitsubishi Electric has continued to work hard to create innovative products with the latest technology, which has strengthened Brenda’s global leadership.


Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in research and development in Japan and around the world. Mitsubishi Electric is number one in Japanese patents. For the last four years in a row, we have been one of the top ten patents, R&D leaders in Europe. Our wide range of companies fosters new perspectives among our researchers and creates new discoveries and synergies.

Our partners

HERO MSZ-LN 2.0 Heat pump

The built-in I-see sensor detects details. Reads body temperature, adjusts and calculates functions for home comfort.INFRARED SENSOR (I-SEE SENSORS)The HERO MSZ-LN's built-in I-see sensor detects details. Reads body temperature to adjust and calculate functions for...

New generation Air-to-water heat pumps for the home

Inverter technology heat pumps with intelligent heat adjustment function, Next Generation Ecodan.

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