I The latest technology air-to-water heat pump

Intelligent heat adjustment I Analyzes heat factors and automatically adjusts operation

Two-zone comfort solutions I Maintaining different temperatures in the home

High performance at low outdoor temperatures I Hiper Heating provides excellent heating power

Smart control I Convenient heat pump management with MELCloud application

R32 refrigerant I Environmentally friendly refrigerant provides high efficiency and heat capacity at low outdoor temperatures

Zudaban inventory technology I Provides rated heat output of up to -15 ° C and guaranteed operation up to -28 ° C

Quiet operation I One of the quietest air-to-water heat pumps on the market

Air-to-air heat pumps

Effectively heats and cools your home using ambient air as a renewable energy source

Ventilation system

Recuperation equipment with heat recovery. Purified fresh air regardless of the season

Home heating and water heating system

Inverter technology heat pumps with intelligent heat adjustment function. Hot water preparation, floor heating, radiator heating

Intelligent control home heating and water heating system

Inverter technology air-to-water heat pumps with intelligent heat adjustment function, Next Generation Ecodan. Ecodan is an A ++ energy class, and its customized features are designed to make it one of the smartest, most economical and quietest air-to-water heat pumps


Gunta Bērzs-Bērziņa

We bought a heat pump for the summer house. We manage it remotely with the phone, and in a charming red color!


Ronalds Balodis

great customer service.. highly recommended


Elena Mango

Good offers !!


Sabine Vavere

Great service


Maija Lāže

Very good equipment is marketed and a good service!


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Installed heat pumps

VRF systems

Years of experience


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