MSZ-EF Design

I Kirigamine Zen heat pump is designed for customers with high quality requirements

I The EF series heat pump combines Japanese innovative technologies for maximum convenience and comfort. Modern, elegant design and high quality equipment. Combining impressively low power consumption with quiet yet powerful performance



Air-to-air heat pumps

Effectively heats and cools your home using ambient air as a renewable energy source

Ventilation system

Recuperation equipment with heat recovery. Purified fresh air regardless of the season

Home heating and water heating system

Inverter technology heat pumps with intelligent heat adjustment function. Hot water preparation, floor heating, radiator heating

I Technology at the highest level

I The luxurious heat pump of the MSZ-EF Design series is available in glossy white, glossy black and matte silver. The depth and design of the colors allow for visual integration into the layout of the room. Quiet operation of the heat pump with only 21dB (A) provides a harmonious environment – allowing the heat pump to be installed in noise-sensitive residential and work areas. Thanks to the use of inverter technology, the heat pump of the MSZ-FT Design series operated in cooling mode A + and in heating mode A +++ energy class, ensuring modern energy efficiency

I Powerful performance

The heat pump operated in cooling mode in the highest energy efficiency class A +++ with SEER up to 8.5 and in heating mode in energy efficiency class A ++ with SCOP up to 4.7

I Night mode ensures quieter operation of the indoor and outdoor part of the heat pump 21 dB (A) for undisturbed night peace
I Weekly timer allows you to adjust the operation of the heat pump for each day of the week and hour of the day – according to your needs
I Nano platinum filter produces a stable antibacterial effect

Kirigamine Zen I A symbol of Japanese quality trust I

IThe product name “Kirigamine Zen” embodies a holistic approach: Kirigamine is known in Japan for its pristine nature, while Zen is synonymous with harmony, peace and prosperity.

I The latest technology air purification system

I Nano Platinum and anti-allergic filter effectively clean the air from dust, allergens and pollen, reducing the amount of bacteria in the air while improving air quality


I Disperses heat from other heat sources

I The automatic air circulation function makes the heat pump a great option in spacious rooms with an additional heat source. The heat pump dissipates heat from other heat sources, such as wood stoves or fireplaces. Ensuring even air temperature and energy savings

I Hyper heating function

I As the outdoor temperature decreases, the FT series heat pump automatically adjusts the hyperheating capacity according to the outdoor temperature, the set air temperature and the indoor temperature.

I Control with remote control or MELCloud application on your computer, smartphone

I Mitsubishi Electric’s built-in WiFi device allows you to control your air conditioner with the help of a smartphone or computer using the original Mitsubishi Electic app-MELCloud. Whether you are at home or outside! The application gives you full control over the control of the air heat pump

Comfort and Elegance

Kirigamine Zen heat pump is designed for customers with high quality requirements. This series heat pump combines the most innovative technologies in Japan, which provides maximum convenience and comfort, modern, elegant design and high equipment quality.






Economical heat pump MSZ-LN Hero

Power worthy of the hero I LN series heat pump, endowed with high-class energy efficiency A +++, infrared sensor, hyper heating, unique refrigerant R32, night mode, built-in WiFi and guaranteed operation up to -35ºC

Air conditioner MSZ-AP

The environmentally friendly I AP series air conditioner is equipped with the latest patent technologies for the rational use of electricity. Carefully designed heat pump operating modes will allow you to enjoy an ideal home microclimate without worrying about electricity bills


Gunta Bērzs-Bērziņa

We bought a heat pump for the summer house. We manage it remotely with the phone, and in a charming red color!


Ronalds Balodis

great customer service.. highly recommended


Elena Mango

Good offers !!


Sabine Vavere

Great service


Maija Lāže

Very good equipment is marketed and a good service!


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